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With years of experience in the US Healthcare and IT services, we offer a high-level support system that you desperately need for enhancing your business. We have successfully provided integrated US Healthcare IT solutions by providing custom software development services over the decade. We have accelerated growth and hiked revenue in the Domain Healthcare and Information Technology sectors.
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Software Development

Our professionals have immaculate knowledge and years of industrial experience such as programming, problem-solving, and accuracy skills to develop the customized android and iOS software as per your requirements. With high-skilled developers and experienced quality testers, we make sure that our customers are delighted. With our software, you get effective management and secure mobile apps. Being a mobile application development company, we offer full-stack development services that provide complete designing and creation of the existing platform. This includes Oracle, Python, UI/UX, JavaScript, React UI, SQL Server, and so on.

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Cybersecurity has become one of the greatest concerns in the developing era of social networking. The Security Operations Center (SOC) will monitor, analyze, and detect cybersecurity issues and quickly address them to secure the systems. In contrast, the Pen Testing feature is used to secure the infrastructure of Healthcare and IT solutions. Thus, we minimize the risk of getting prone to cyberattacks, malware, software threats, and other vulnerabilities.

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Extend your service option to automate and integrate the process by combining the efforts of IT teams and software developers. Our collaborative measures will improve your brand image in different aspects.

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Cloud Services Cloud Services

Our experts can create scalable and affiliate solutions that can give you a chance to interpret everything via cloud computing. So, you can control the analytics and networking without any external issues. We are an application development software company and use the latest cloud services like Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and AWS for the best results.

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QA & Testing QA & Testing

Improve the overall functionality and impression of the mobile applications, software, and web applications with our top-notch integrated QA and testing solutions.

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Healthcare Interoperability Healthcare Interoperability

If you are a healthcare software provider or a healthcare service provider, our interoperability services can be an invaluable asset for you. We have been in the business of the healthcare domain for more than 18 years now. Our clients are highly satisfied with the service provided. Our professionals offer integrated software solutions that allow you to manage, ingest, share and exchange data under a single roof. Using single software containing all your medical records will enhance your patient care experience.

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Why Us

Get the top-grade service that you aspire!

Our integrated solution offers a world-class infrastructure with an extensive network of IT services across the globe. Also, we provide our clients with the opportunity to access our 18 years of expert knowledge base in developing mobile software and web applications. In addition, we promise you a service when you need it, where you need and exactly how you need it.
High-quality High-quality

High-quality Code

All the codes are looked at personally to confirm only the highest standard delivery. Moreover, we run automated code-review software to ensure all the best practices are met, and we don’t compromise on results until the right solution is met.

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Full Stack Full Stack

Full Stack Experts

With extensive domain knowledge, our proficient full-stack team is ready to provide you high performing web and mobile apps 24*7. In addition, we provide you with an end-to-end solution to increase your brand image and productivity.

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Agile Approach Agile Approach

Agile Approach

We follow an agile online approach to give you the benefit of both early and frequent value delivery. It eliminates the risk and improves the momentum of your project. The approach also ensures that high-priority issues are dealt with first. Thus, improving project versatility.

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Flexibility Flexibility


We offer the benefit of flexibility by developing customized software according to your needs and motto. You can inform us about the requirements, and we will look after the project to provide the maximum output.

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Our Knowledge & Certifications

How We Work

Agile Approach

Our Agile development assistance is more than just a framework involving scrum. It is a set of practices based on several principles and values to give the result you desire.

It ensures transparency and visibility over managing and controlling timelines and maintaining track of progress, risk factors, and mitigation strategies.



We define you to locate the immediate window for an extensive market and squeeze the development cycle with in-depth comprehension.



This process comprises various techniques such as locating the hidden flaws, minimizing the waste, and following the constant improvement cycle.



The desired outcome has been yielded much faster into the release grounds to provide the ultimate customer experience even during these tough phases.


Go Live

Implementing verified measures, providing support, training, and KPi benchmarking.

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Business Model

Dedicated Team
Dedicated Team

Our dedicated team model leverages clients to a comprehensive business development structure needed for big enterprises and long-term prospects. It helps the user enjoy, build, motivate, and manage custom software outsourcing and managing other projects.

It's highly recommended to choose such a model when your project's scope is not defined and with the change in requirement in the future. Its benefits are as follows:

  • Reliable support
  • Reduction in operational cost
  • Improvising the efficiency level
T & M model
The Time and Material or T&M can simplify the process of any business. It is an engagement model where the client only pays for the time and resources our professionals spent on the project. The benefits are:
  • Easy payments
  • Suitable for start-up environments
  • Flexible and low risk
Fixed cost
The fixed cost model helps in controlling the expenses and staying on a fixed budget. The cost of the products and services is non-negotiable as the scope of work has already been intimated. It enables us to keep track of the workflow to eliminate frequent changes. The benefits are:
  • Minimal financial risk
  • Quick and accurate project estimation
  • Budget-friendly completion of projects

Explore the best way to create a result-driven project by opting for KPi-Tech services.

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