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Healthcare Interoperability Healthcare Interoperability

Our Healthcare Interoperability Services enable seamless data exchange and connectivity among various healthcare systems, ensuring efficient sharing of patient information....

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QA & Testing QA & Testing

We specialize in creating impactful IT solutions that lead to improved patient-driven outcomes, contributing to a resilient, compliant, and digitally advanced healthcare ecosystem....

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Software Devlopment Software Devlopment

Our Software Development Service delivers tailor-made solutions, leveraging our team's deep expertise in programming and problem-solving. Our full-stack...

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Cyber Security Cyber Security

KPi-Tech offers comprehensive Cybersecurity services to safeguard your business from evolving digital threats. With a strong focus on securing your systems and data, we...

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DevOps DevOps

Our DevOps services empower businesses to accelerate their software development and deployment processes. With a focus on automation, continuous integration, and...

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Cloud Services Cloud Services

Whether you are already in the Cloud, considering migration, or planning to build Cloud-Native applications, we excel in modernizing legacy systems and creating innovative...

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QA & Testing QA & Testing

Our QA and Testing strategy and methodology are finely tuned to seamlessly integrate into the development lifecycle without encroaching on the crucial boundary...

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Who are we?

Your Partner in Achieving Business Goals

Empower your business with 25+ years of expertise in US Healthcare and IT services. Experience top-tier support that directly enhances your operations. For over a decade, we've successfully delivered integrated US Healthcare IT solutions through customized software development services. Dedicated to driving your growth, we've consistently boosted revenue by seamlessly merging healthcare and information technology solutions. Let's work together to propel your business to new heights.
Who are we
Why Us

Solutions and Services to Match Your Vision

KPi-Tech comprises dedicated healthcare technology experts with extensive backgrounds in clinical, financial, and administrative domains. For more than two decades, we've been crafting streamlined workflows to convert innovative concepts into satisfying solutions. Our expertise has moulded our software development approaches, guaranteeing dependable quality with minimal complexities. We hold ourselves responsible for outcomes, mirroring your commitment to patients.

High-quality High-quality

Our commitment to top-tier security is evident through our deployment of CrowdStrike's Falcon agent across local and remote systems. This integration brings advanced security...

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Full Stack Full Stack

With extensive domain knowledge, our proficient full-stack team is ready to provide you high performing web and mobile apps 24*7. In addition, we provide you with an end-to-end...

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Agile Approach Agile Approach

We follow an agile online approach to give you the benefit of both early and frequent value delivery. It eliminates the risk and improves the momentum of your project. The approach...

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Flexibility Flexibility

We offer the benefit of flexibility by developing customized software according to your needs and motto. You can inform us about the requirements, and we will look after the project...

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Certifications & Expertise

How We Work

Agile Approach

Our Agile development assistance is more than just a framework involving scrum. It is a set of practices based on several principles and values to give the result you desire. It ensures transparency and visibility over managing and controlling timelines and maintaining track of progress, risk factors, and mitigation strategies.


We define you to locate the immediate window for an extensive market and squeeze the development cycle with in-depth comprehension.


This process comprises various techniques such as locating the hidden flaws, minimizing the waste, and following the constant improvement cycle.


The desired outcome has been yielded much faster into the release grounds to provide the ultimate customer experience even during these tough phases.


Implementing verified measures, providing support, training, and KPi benchmarking.

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Automating Risk Contract Management
Empowering Women's Healthcare
Empowering Women's Healthcare
FHIR Integration
Integration between EMR and Patient access solution
Integration between EMR and Patient access solution
CRM Automation Testing
Driving Efficiency in Healthcare Data Analytics for Higher ROI
Driving Efficiency in Healthcare Data Analytics for Higher ROI

Engagement model

We specialize in developing personalized models for clients that combine multiple techniques to deliver a customized solution.

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