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We offer EHR/EMR development services tailored to the unique requirement of your healthcare practice. There are hundreds of patients swarming in with a thousand different diseases. Keeping paper records and filing cases is not only an outdated approach but also inconvenient. EHR or Electronic health records is the new way of organizing and keeping track of data for easy retrieval. We at KPi-Tech offer you the most secure & collaborative environment for managing patient sensitive as well as clinical data with customized EMR Development Services.

Empower your healthcare practice with our comprehensive EMR development service. Our team of skilled developers specializes in crafting intuitive electronic medical... record solutions that streamline clinical workflows and enhance patient care. With a focus on usability and interoperability, we create custom EMR solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing systems. Our custom EMR software implementation includes essential modules such as CPOE for streamlined order entry and charge capture coding for accurate billing. Additionally, we integrate HL7 for seamless data exchange and incorporate clinical decision support systems to enhance clinical decision-making.

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KPi-Tech is inclined to provide you with complete healthcare technology solutions. Hence, we create interoperable EHR software to manage the end-to-end process,... such as operational tasks, chart templates, e-documents, clinical dashboards, and detailed reports.
Additionally, we also inculcate and monitor the appointment schedules, patient profiles, medical prescriptions, and distributed access control modules. Our customized EHR software will provide comprehensive data of your patient, including Billing Information (RCM), Medication Orders & E-Prescriptions, Patient Management and Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)

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We are experts in building Personal Health Records or PHR for mobile and web applications. Our extensive healthcare app development services offer patients a personalized record... of medical histories, medical data, chronic illnesses, and lab test reports.
We at KPi-Tech have designed PHR programs to allow the patients for self-scheduling appointments between patients and doctors. It also helps to coordinate with EMR and EHR for managing the complete data of patients.

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Our Services

Our team of EHR and EMR software developers assists healthcare organizations in selecting the appropriate system type and identifying suitable integrations or customizations. We then proceed to implement the chosen solution according to the specific needs of the company, prioritizing EHR interoperability and security to ensure seamless data exchange and robust protection of sensitive information.

EHR Consulting

Our team of experts provides healthcare providers with guidance in selecting the ideal EHR or EMR software solution based on their specific needs. We assist in identifying essential functionalities and offer support throughout the implementation, integration, migration, or development processes. Additionally, we conduct thorough audits of existing EHR platforms, recommending upgrades (EHR Optimization) to enhance productivity, modernity, and compliance.

EHR Implementation

Following optimized EHR implementation workflows, we ensure a smoother adoption process, minimizing common challenges and facilitating faster positive outcomes for healthcare organizations. Our close collaboration with clinicians includes ongoing support, maintenance, upgrades, and training services to guarantee successful EHR system implementation within your healthcare IT ecosystem.

Custom Development

Through our custom EHR software development services, providers can tailor their systems with functionality and UX design that aligns with their practice. We enable integration with selected modules and applications, ensuring scalability and user-friendliness. Our development team demonstrates that custom EHR and EMR systems can deliver anticipated benefits without exorbitant costs to healthcare providers.

EMR/EHR Software Integrations

We allow third-party integrations for managing healthcare websites, applications, and software APIs. This simplifies the work of healthcare professionals to control the administrative and technical difficulties that persist in the healthcare sector for a long time.
Based on your specific business needs and IT infrastructure, our integration consulting team can assist you in identifying the most suitable integration approach. This may involve options such as HL7 FHIR API integrations, middleware utilization, integration using Interface Engines, unified access, or common data services (CDS).

Key Features of EMR/EHR Software

Our EMR/EHR software incorporates key features to support medical organizations in delivering excellent patient care while ensuring standardized and secure documentation and procedures. These features include:
  • Patient Management: Efficiently manage patient information, including complete medical history and protected health information (PHI), while also offering features such as a vaccination tracker, appointment scheduler, reminder system, and patient portal for easy access.

  • Clinical Management: Customize templates and e-forms for charting and record-keeping, access comprehensive dashboards with medical information, utilize task trackers and reminders, and benefit from a practice management module.

  • Analytics and Reporting: Customize templates and e-forms for charting and record-keeping, access comprehensive dashboards with medical information, utilize task trackers and reminders, and benefit from a practice management module.

  • Financial Management: Store insurance information, specify payer details, enable care digitalization, utilize voice recognition, chatbots, and voice assistants, implement e-prescriptions, and integrate with medical devices.

  • Security: Ensure robust security measures with features like multi-factor authentication, distributed access control at different levels, data encryption, and secure data transfer channels and protocols.

Our Experience in EMR/EHR Integration and Implementation

We at KPi-Tech are experienced in working successfully with more than 50+ EHR vendors/providers by offering them our quality end-to-end services.
  • Seamless integration of EHR solutions with telehealth systems to enable efficient remote patient consultations and care delivery.
  • Creation of custom APIs to facilitate interoperability between EMR systems and pharmacy systems, enabling rapid prescription processing.
  • EMR software development that ensures interoperability with practice management systems, streamlining administrative and clinical operations.
  • Custom integration solutions are designed for hospital information systems, promoting smooth data exchange and collaboration across departments.
  • EHR integration with HIE to facilitate sharing of crucial medical data like medical history, lab results, medication lists, and allergies, ensuring comprehensive and accurate patient care.

We are a team of experts who offer customized software integrations. Some of the prominent ones are listed below:

Why Choose Us

Some of the Prime Benefits in Choosing Our Significant Services

HIPAA/GDPR Compliance

HIPAA/GDPR Compliance

Our well-qualified and experienced software developers will help you in building customized EMR and EHR software solutions adhering to the guidelines of HIPAA and GDPR. With that, you can secure patient's data like Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI), respectively.

EHR System Certification

EHR System Certification

For the assurance of providers and patients, we ensure that your custom EHR software is ONC-ATCB certified. We make sure that the software meets all of the required legal standards. We also provide SSL and TLS encryption to protect the integrity and confidentiality of patient's information.

EMR/EHR Mobile Application Development

EMR/EHR Mobile Application Development

We value our customer priority in the first place and have developed secure and scalable mobile applications for various healthcare providers and patients. It provides a seamless exchange of healthcare data, managing medical tasks, transcriber notes, and easy access to patient reports. It also enables the providers to take quick action on critical issues and resolve them immediately.

EMR/EHR Integration Services

EMR/EHR Integration Services

For a faster, smoother, and subtle experience, we integrate third-party technologies & advanced wearable devices for doctors and patients. It will provide lab data transfers, easy communication modules, managing insurance databases, simplifying cloud-based billing, charting, reporting, and many more.

FAQs about EHR/EMR Software

EHR systems refer to electronic health records, which are digital versions of permanent patient health information stored in real-time and easily shareable between medical departments.

EMR systems are managed by a single provider, while EHR systems are maintained by multiple providers. EHRs offer more comprehensive information and include additional tools for electronic prescribing, laboratory ordering, and telehealth capabilities.

EMR and EHR are both software programs for digital patient medical records. However, EMR provides a narrower view with concise details, while EHR offers a more detailed and comprehensive report of the patient's overall condition.

The purpose of EHR and EMR is to improve patient care and save physicians time, allowing them to focus more on providing quality care to patients.

Using EHR or EMR systems brings several advantages, including improved patient management, seamless communication between primary care and specialists, and potential cost savings by avoiding repeat tests and procedures.

AI-assisted EHR/EMR refers to the integration of artificial intelligence in the systems to enhance data analysis, extract complex findings, provide clinical decision support, enable speech recognition, and utilize Big Data for personalized treatment recommendations, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

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